Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Agony of Waiting


It's been quite a while since my last post. I want to thank the individuals who responded to my last posting. I'm here in Sunny California, awaiting the fate of my beloved TV show, 'Chuck'. I can honestly say it's a show I would watch, even if I were not working on it. ('Fringe' is also another favorite of mine) We, (everyone involved in making the show) and the fans are anxiously awaiting word from the network about the fate of our season 4.

Why is waiting so hard? I remember waiting for each one of my children right before they were born. The excitement and worry that comes with that is pretty potent. This is different though. This is my first television series (I did mostly films before 'Chuck').

To have the opportunity to craft a theme over the course of the last three years, has been really cool. I feel like there is a lot more 'Chuck' music in my head. I remember Paul McCartney talking about the release of the CD, 'Let it Be : Naked". Basically, they were the tracks recorded by the Beatles for 'Let it Be' before Phil Spectre got his grimy, gun-toting hands on it. What Paul said about the studio outtakes and dialog from the sessions, was that it was the sound of his 'Favorite band in the world breaking up'. I don't want 'Chuck' to break-up yet. Hence, the agony. Anyway, I've digressed from my original point.

Waiting sucks. There, I put it out there. I'd rather go to the dentist and have serious work done than be subjected to 'waiting'. Especially when there is a potential negative outcome. (ie Cancelled show). So, have I enraged the Gods of Positive thinking, by suggesting the very thing I don't want to happen… could happen? Not sure. It's important to have a positive outlook in life. Some (I include myself in this group) agree it's an essential component to a happy existence. That said, who wants to be like the string quartet on the Titanic? Playing Paganini with your pants in a puddle of ice water…? Not me baby. I'd rather be playing 'Dire Straits' cover tunes and when the boat hits the iceberg: 'OK boys, this gig is lame. Last one to the lifeboat has to coil the cables and pack the van…'

Seriously, would most of us want to know if bad news were coming? It's so much easier to be blissfully unaware and go all 'Ostrich' on the hard things. I've been trying to stay busy and (have been), but the waiting has driven me to the point of blogging… That should be evidence enough of the ends to which I've travelled.

Will I die if 'Chuck' is cancelled? Most likely, no. Will I be forced to go on a three-state, cow tipping spree? I reserve the right to keep that one open-ended. Will I be deeply and profoundly disappointed? Absolutely. I really like my job and all the people on the show. Well, except for maybe xxxxxxxxxxxx (deleted for personal and legal reasons).

OK, well maybe the real purpose of this blog entry was to assassinate an innocent 20 minutes. That's 20 more minutes I don't have to fill by stacking golf balls or organizing and cataloging my vintage lawn gnome collection. (which is killer, by the way.)

Anyone have any decent ideas for waiting out a full two weeks? It can't involve a drug induced coma. I've already ruled that out, on the grounds that it's cheating. Hope this message finds you well. As always, 'I salute you, Mr. Yahoo webcrawler computer. May you scan some juicy text. [Tasty Morsel] (that's for the webcrawler computer. Somebody's got to remember to feed him…)

Peace People. Last one to the lifeboat is a slug.